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Commissary Services

Tiger Correctional Services is an innovator & technology leader in prison commissary by providing superior jail management software and unmatched service & support.

Food Services

Tiger Correctional Services has raised inmate commissary services standards & we now use the same philosophy to be the preferred correctional food service provider nationwide.

Public Safety Software

TigerTrack™ JMS is taking Pubic Safety Software in a new direction. This sheriff's office software & public safety software will improve efficiency.

Purchase Commissary or Fund Inmates Commissary Account

Purchase an inmate a commissry gift or deposit money for an inmate. Use our innovative software to complete your purchase or deposit.

Activity Tracker


Activity Tracker assists jails in reducing significant liability faced by every correctional facility. It increases staff accountability while providing electronic time-stamped records of user definable events. This product can stand alone, independent of a JMS systems. For the greatest benefit it can integrate with TigerTrack booking to eliminate duplication of effort. It brings an advanced level of identification and tracking to correctional and law enforcement facilities.








  • Head count 
  • Cell Check
  • Pod Check
  • Suicide Watch
  • Inmate Movement
  • Inmate Transportation
  • Inmate Cell Assignment
  • Property Distribution
  • Medical Distribution
  • Commissary Distribution
  • Security Door Check
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Log Searching Capabilities
  • JMS Synchronization Management
  • Med Pass Management
  • User Management Reporting
  •     Compliance Reports
  •     Statistics Reports
  •     Numerous Filters
  • Wristband Printing/Management
  • RFID Tag Assignment Management
  • User Definable Access to Various Management Tools


Identification is non-transferable and

securely worn on the inmate at all times.

This positive inmate identification allows

for increased inmate safety by

documenting one-on-one contact

with inmates for suicide prevention

programs, drug prevention programs

and medication administration.




The U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections has identified 7 Critical Jail Risk Management Issues and Strategies. Activity Tracker addresses 6 of these issues :

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Order
  • Care
  • Program and Activity
  • Justice
  • Administration and Management




Commissary Services

Food Services

Public Safety Software

Purchase Commissary or Fund Inmates Commissary Account