Commissary Services

Tiger Correctional Services has become the innovator and technology leader in prison commissary by providing superior jail management software and unmatched service and support.

Tiger provides programs that benefit every facility.


Options include:

  • Orders picked & delivered from our warehouse
  • Operating an in-house commissary 
  • Bulk shipment of commissary items 
  • Wholesale commissary ordering.

 Tiger offers:

  • A program designed to your facility's needs 
  • High-quality, name brand  products
  • Years of experience in commissary operations 
  • Highly qualified people

All of this translates into a powerful partnership for your facility.

Benefits of Tiger's commissary are:

  • User-Friendly Software
  • Open-Ended Database
  • Proven Methodology
  • Flexibility of Services
  • Outstanding Product
  • More Control & Increased Cash Flow

 Download Tiger's Commissary Brochure