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Commissary Services

Tiger Correctional Services is an innovator & technology leader in prison commissary by providing superior jail management software and unmatched service & support.

Food Services

Tiger Correctional Services has raised inmate commissary services standards & we now use the same philosophy to be the preferred correctional food service provider nationwide.

Public Safety Software

TigerTrack™ JMS is taking Pubic Safety Software in a new direction. This sheriff's office software & public safety software will improve efficiency.

Purchase Commissary or Fund Inmates Commissary Account

Purchase an inmate a commissry gift or deposit money for an inmate. Use our innovative software to complete your purchase or deposit.

About Us


Tiger Correctional Services provides federal, state and county correctional facilities with:

  •       Inmate Food Service
  •       Inmate Commissary
  •       Inmate Banking and Accounting Software
  •       Jail Management System Software (JMS)

Take a closer look at Tiger Correctional Services and you’ll see why almost 200 correctional facilities rely on our company on a daily basis for these vital services.

Customer Focus sets Tiger Correctional apart from all other companies in the Corrections industry. At Tiger Correctional Services we are committed to solving your needs and problems. We are totally dedicated to your success.

Tiger does this by offering every partner an unparalleled combination of quality, integrity and value.

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 We work closely with you to develop a program based on technological and operational excellence. We are your capable partner with the service and support you need to continually improve the efficiency of your jail.  

Your Tiger team is always available to help custom design a program that resolve the unique issues you face in your facility.

With Tiger as your partner, you are free to focus on the other important administrative challenges you deal with in performing your job.  

As a result of our unceasing focus of listening to our partners in the corrections industry and constantly looking for ways to improve our service to them, Tiger Correctional Services has been awarded Inc.500 Magazine’s fastest growing Top Privately owned business in America for seven years in a row. This is something few other businesses and no other correctional services company has ever achieved.

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Inc500 Top 5000

With over 50 years of experience in the corrections industry, our staff understands the ever-changing dynamics of this environment. Due in large part to our collaborative management structure, we are able to provide exceptional service and responsiveness that many major companies reserve only for their largest clients

Commissary Services

Food Services

Public Safety Software

Purchase Commissary or Fund Inmates Commissary Account