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Tiger Correctional Services has raised inmate commissary services standards & we now use the same philosophy to be the preferred correctional food service provider nationwide.

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TigerTrack™ JMS is taking Pubic Safety Software in a new direction. This sheriff's office software & public safety software will improve efficiency.

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Tigertrack Correctional Management Software Features Major Improvements

Enhancements include complete redesign of three program modules.


JONESBORO, Arkansas, January 25, 2017 - Tiger Correctional Services has released a significant upgrade to the TigerTrack Correctional Management Software Suite with Version 1.87. New features include enhancements in ease of use with focus on a simple and efficient layout.  Other features include automatic VINES updating,  improved and efficient NIBRS reporting and improved death in custody reporting.

Three modules have been completely redesigned/rewritten by TigerTrack’s in-house development team.  They are Dispatch, Evidence and Activity Tracking.

 Dispatch has been completely rewritten to provide a robust advancement over the previous version.  Existing features have been improved, and several new features have been added. Dispatch handles incoming calls, converts them to incidents and assigns units to the calls. It can manage all geographically challenging jurisdictions.  This TigerTrack component dramatically improves department efficiency by providing quick access to information, user friendly operation, and a remarkable reduction in paper records. Dispatch can be used as a stand-alone product or fully integrated into the TigerTrack Suite.

 The all new Evidence module allows a facility to manage items submitted as Evidence. This component contains powerful search features to quickly find evidence from a wide range of criteria. This completely altered tool has been redesigned for flexibility utilizing best practices features that can be customized for a department’s needs. One of the most important new features is barcode scanning capability.


Activity Tracker assists facilities in reducing significant liability faced by every correctional agency. It brings an advanced level of identification and tracking to correctional and law enforcement facilities. The component uses superior RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that increases staff accountability while providing electronic time-stamped records of user definable events.  This product can stand alone, independent of a JMS systems. It also integrates with TigerTrack booking.

 Here is a list of features by module


  • E911 call acceptance & logging
  • Location validation
  • Location, individual & phone number histories/remarks
  • Unit maintenance
  • Differentiate dispatch areas by Jurisdiction
  • Search Calls by any combination of 13 parameters
  • Create incidents that are accessible/editable in TigerTrack
  • Search TigerTrack incidents & warrants for associated individuals & see histories in real time


Major Evidence features include:

  • The Create Locations feature allows adding custom names to multiple areas and sub-locations
  • Add Evidence Items logs detailed information into a Location
  • Evidence Administration is designed to move Evidence to a new Location and to edit information about the evidence items 
  • An Evidence Item Report can be generated in this section of the module
  • Add/Edit Photos allows photos of evidence items to added to the records. A number of editing features allow the evidence item to be displayed for optimum detail and clarity
  • Change of Custody permits internal change of evidence custody to another officer or external change releases the evidence to another agency
  • Search Evidence takes advantage of TigerTrack’s powerful search features to find evidence items by several search parameters. 
  • Reports include Evidence Change of Custody; Evidence Expired Evidence; Evidence Location and Evidence Items
  • Barcode Scanning Capability Location and Item bar code labels can be created and printed to attach to physical items and their locations



Major Activity Tracker features include:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Log Searching Capabilities
  • JMS Synchronization Management
  • Med Pass Management
  • Compliance Reports
  • Statistics Reports
  • Numerous Reporting Filters
  • Wristband Printing/Management
  • RFID Tag Assignment Management
  • User Definable Access to Various Management Tools

The complete TigerTrack Suite consists of ten separate software modules designed to help streamline the corrections and/or enforcement duties of law enforcement departments. The agencies can choose the entire suite, or choose only the ones best suited to their specific needs.  Several of the components can be configured to work with other JMS programs.

 For more information or to schedule an on-site or remote demonstration, please contact Steven Cox at 877-844-3726 extension 150, or via email at


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